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How to Make Every Bet Count When You Can’t Do It All


John Cutler

Product Evangelist, Amplitude

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Now, more than ever, companies need to be disciplined about how they craft their bets. It’s easy to believe you can achieve multiple outcomes with a single initiative, but this hyper-optimization runs the risk that nothing performs well.

To set your team up for success, join John Cutler for an expert discussion on making every bet count.

During this discussion, he’ll lead you through:

  • The differences between drivers, constraints, and floats
  • The contrast of limiting constraints versus enabling constraints
  • Detecting when a bet has a high chance of failure

You can expect to leave this session with a useful, accessible tool to filter roadmaps and bets, and a plan to shape those bets into having the highest likelihood of success.

Join us for this special discussion and Q&A!

Who should attend?

Data leaders and architects looking to understand where product analytics (and Amplitude) fit into their data management strategy. And product and growth leaders looking to better understand the role of data and how to avoid roadblocks.

Why is data integration & management important?

In a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are 2x as likely to report more then 30% revenue growth.