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6 Worksheets to Understand, Improve, and Calculate Retention Rate


Neil Patel

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Get step-by-step instructions to improve retention for your product.

Worksheet 1:
Determine Your Product’s Critical Event

  • Get a baseline understanding of new and current user activity
  • Analyze your onboarding funnel conversion rate
  • Identify common user paths

Worksheet 2: Determine Your Product Usage Interval

  • Run a customer cohort analysis
  • Measure how long it takes the cohort to perform the critical event
  • Plot these time points and determine the usage interval
Worksheet 3: Map Your Retention Lifecycle
  • Understand the difference between new, current, and resurrected users
  • Measure your retention lifecycle split
  • Calculate the pulse ratio

Worksheet 4: Calculate and Impact Your Current User Retention

  • Run through a diagnostic of current users
  • Identify behavioral personas and drivers of habit formation
  • Find the actions that move current users from passive to core and from core to power

Worksheet 5: Calculate and Impact Your New User Retention

  • Calculate the retention rate of your onboarding funnel
  • Segment your funnel by properties and personas
  • Identify behavioral drivers of onboarding and value discovery

Worksheet 6: Calculate and Impact Your Resurrected User Retention

  • Compare the retention rate of resurrected users to that of current and new users
  • Determine the opportunity size of resurrected users
  • Identify triggers of resurrection and hypothesize customer retention strategies

Who should attend?

Data leaders and architects looking to understand where product analytics (and Amplitude) fit into their data management strategy. And product and growth leaders looking to better understand the role of data and how to avoid roadblocks.

Why is data integration & management important?

In a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are 2x as likely to report more then 30% revenue growth.