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Learn more about data management with Amplitude

Step-by-step Buyer’s Guide from Problem Identification to Implementation

You’ll receive a six-part guide that will help you and your team reduce friction across each step of the buying process. Access best practices and tools from pinpointing problems and use cases, judging readiness, exploring solutions and building requirements, selecting the right vendor, and finally adoption and implementation.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Workbook and RFP Template for Tools to Work Smarter

Inside this excel-based workbook you’ll have tools to map pain points to use cases, create assessment teams and business cases, and manage your activation process. The RFP template can save you hours, and ensures that you consider all the important criteria for selecting the right vendor.


Customizable Presentation Template to Align Your Teams

You shouldn’t have to start from scratch when it comes to aligning stakeholders. With the Buyer’s Deck Template, you'll have 100+ slides to pitch your team on why you all should make the change, what impact new data and analytics tools can make, and how you’ll manage the evaluation and implementation processes.

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