Join us on June 24th for a live Q&A with Julie Zhou of Yik Yak!

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Listen to our chat with Datamonster of the month, Julie Zhou (Lead PM of Growth at Yik Yak), she began her career doing both B2B and B2C product marketing at Google, working on everything from Google Adwords, Google Maps, and Android OS. Julie then took her data-driven marketing mindset to Hipmunk. After she joined the team at Yik Yak, Julie started looking at growth through the lens of product.

About the Datamonster Dialogues:
Amplitude’s Datamonster of the Month is our way of spotlighting product and growth experts who have made data a central part of their success. Through their stories, we hope to empower other industry professionals with proven analytics strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and advice for leveraging analytics across your organization to achieve your business goals.

Listen to Julie Zhou's Datamonster Dialogues!