Join us on May 12 for a live Q&A with Fareed Mosavat of Instacart!

Ask Questions Live!

Join us for a live chat with our Datamonster of the month, Fareed Mosavat (Sr. PM of Growth at Instacart), on Thursday May 12 at 10 AM PT. Bring your questions on growth, retention, and product!

Fareed began his career in computer graphics at Pixar for 7 years, but later made the jump to startups. He went from software engineering to product & growth roles at Zynga, Runkeeper, and now Instacart. 

About the Datamonster Dialogues:
Amplitude’s Datamonster of the Month is our way of spotlighting product and growth experts who have made data a central part of their success. Through their stories, we hope to empower other industry professionals with proven analytics strategies, pitfalls to avoid, and advice for leveraging analytics across your organization to achieve your business goals.

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