Introducing Portfolio.

Is your team struggling to answer these questions?

  • How many active users do we have across all our products?
  • How does a new product affect the engagement with other offerings?
  • How do users move between applications?

Portfolio empowers multi-product and multi-app companies using Amplitude’s leading product analytics platform to understand their complete user journey in a single view.

  1. Track User Journeys Across All Products in a Single View
    Identify your users across the multitude of devices and products they use to tie their behavior together in a single user.

  2. Understand How Users Retain and Engage Across Many Applications
    Uncertain about the impact of multiple products on your portfolio strategy? Use data to drive the right portfolio strategy for your business.

  3. Single Source of Truth for Your Product Portfolio
    Struggling to standardize and report product metrics from multiple teams? Here’s help.

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