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The London Product Club


Spenser Skates

CEO & Co-Founder, Amplitude

Ross Webb

Host of Fast Track to CPO podcast and YouTube channel

Bhavik Patel

Founder of CRAP Talks, Head of Product Analytics, Hopin

The second edition of the exclusive networking event in London for Product people! Held on June 13, it was an exciting evening at The Standard in King's Cross - with special guest Spenser Skates, CEO & Founder of Amplitude.

Hear from Spenser on how he sees product building evolving, and a panel with him and product thought leaders Ross Webb and Bhavik Patel informally sharing their perspectives on the future of product strategy.

If you are new to the London Product Club, the event format is simple. We bring together all product enthusiasts in our network so you can meet in person, chat, and learn from each other. There are no pitches on Amplitude, just good conversation about topics important to you (along with free drinks and food).

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Who This Is For

If you’re totally new to analytics tools—or if you need to see what the product-led growth craze is all about—this is the workshop for you.

We regularly see business leaders, marketers, designers, product managers, and data scientists attend AmpliTour.

How It Works

Sign up for the in-person event and join us on May 12th from 15:00h in our Amsterdam office at Keizersgracht 277. The program starts at 15:30h.

The workshop will take 90 minutes and is hosted by a product-led growth expert. Once everyone has arrived and the session starts, the host will introduce you to your workshop mission, tell you a bit about the music streaming app you "work" for, and will take you into Amplitude to begin exploring the data. Remember to bring your laptop to perform the exercises.

Each session will wrap up with a group discussion about how to drive growth for the music app. After the AmpliTour session we will reward all participants with a certificate and start the networking session with drinks and refreshments. .