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Drive digital transformation with your customers across your AWS infrastructure with Amplitude. Connect Amplitude to integrate AWS services like AppFlow, Redshift, S3, Pinpoint, Personalize and AI for Data Analysts to provide user activity insights and increases consumption.

Empower your teams to combine data with AppFlow

Amazon AppFlow easily integrates with your existing data ecosystem; your teams don’t need to spend extra time cleaning and restructuring data. In just a few clicks, non-technical teams can employ AppFlow and Amplitude to surface insights, saving engineers valuable time and energy.

Track user behavior in real-time with Personalize

Amplitude’s real-time data pinpoints user segments that allow product teams to create hypotheses that drive effective target campaigns in AWS Personalize. Enabling users to measure the downstream impact of campaigns on lifetime value and retention.

Glean insights from your data with Redshift

Amplitude manages the entire extraction, transformation, and load process for data loaded to your Redshift, saving your analysts from having to deal with recurring headaches and letting them focus on writing queries and exploring your data.

Power personalized experiences with Pinpoint

Amplitude’s behavioral data and personalized recommendations with AWS Pinpoint provide brands a more holistic view of how the overall campaign performs across all the marketing touchpoints instead of individual messages.

Take the complexity out of 1:1 personalization

Amplitude has been designated by AWS as an AI for data analyst solution (AIDA). As an AIDA solution, Amplitude leverages AWS artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to ultimately take the complexity out of AI-based insights.

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