6 Worksheets to Understand, Improve, and Calculate Retention Rate

Get step-by-step instructions to improve retention for your product.

Worksheet 1: Determine Your Product’s Critical Event

  • Get a baseline understanding of new and current user activity
  • Analyze your onboarding funnel conversion rate
  • Identify common user paths

Worksheet 2: Determine Your Product Usage Interval

  • Run a customer cohort analysis
  • Measure how long it takes the cohort to perform the critical event
  • Plot these time points and determine the usage interval

Worksheet 3: Map Your Retention Lifecycle

  • Understand the difference between new, current, and resurrected users
  • Measure your retention lifecycle split
  • Calculate the pulse ratio

Worksheet 4: Calculate and Impact Your Current User Retention

  • Run through a diagnostic of current users
  • Identify behavioral personas and drivers of habit formation
  • Find the actions that move current users from passive to core and from core to power

Worksheet 5: Calculate and Impact Your New User Retention

  • Calculate the retention rate of your onboarding funnel
  • Segment your funnel by properties and personas
  • Identify behavioral drivers of onboarding and value discovery

Worksheet 6: Calculate and Impact Your Resurrected User Retention

  • Compare the retention rate of resurrected users to that of current and new users
  • Determine the opportunity size of resurrected users
  • Identify triggers of resurrection and hypothesize customer retention strategies

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