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Coffee Chat | Correlation vs. Causation: Why Experiments Are the Next Big Thing for Data-Driven Leaders


Host: Rachel Herrera

Professional Services at Amplitude

This Month's Guest: Wil Pong

Director of Product Experimentation at Amplitude

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When your teams are building products for competitive markets and demanding customers, the right insights can make all the difference. Join this month’s Coffee Chat webinar to learn how you help your whole organization make better decisions, take faster action—and deliver the kind of experiences that drive revenue, loyalty, and lifetime value.

We’ve invited Wil Pong, a Director of Product Experimentation, to join host Rachel Herrera, where we'll be discussing why experiments are the next big thing for data-driven leaders!

Experimentation is a hot topic and critical lever that teams can utilize in rapid product improvement. Wil Pong is leading an exciting team here at Amplitude tasked with innovating Amplitude's solution to the experimentation needs of our customers! During his time at companies like Apple and Box, Wil used experimentation to identify correlation vs. causation and product bets to double down on. For our April chat, you'll hear from Wil on what he's learned along the way, how those principles are embedded into the Experiment product, and how leaders can leverage this to grow product engagement.

Who should attend?

Data leaders and architects looking to understand where product analytics (and Amplitude) fit into their data management strategy. And product and growth leaders looking to better understand the role of data and how to avoid roadblocks.

Why is data integration & management important?

In a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are 2x as likely to report more then 30% revenue growth.