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Making the Leap to a Digital-First Enterprise

With the arrival of the new decade came the ultimate catalyst of the digital era. But how are leaders transforming to a digital-first approach to ensure long-term growth?

Inside this new report from Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, you’ll find original research and real-world stories that help unpack our new digital-first reality. Discover the strategies and challenges of digital leaders, and which technologies are powering the most valuable and loved digital products.

In this free copy of the Harvard Business Report, you’ll uncover:

  • Trends triggering the shift to digital-first
  • The top growth opportunities for digital businesses
  • Technologies at the heart of driving and measuring impact
  • Why democratizing data is the linchpin to success

The report was produced by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services and sponsored by Amplitude.

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Among Executives Surveyed

Insights from global digital business leaders

Harvard Business Review conducted a 6-month study gathering insights from 295 leaders of digital businesses across the global, data from analyst firms Gartner and IDC, and first-hand interviews with executives at Ford,, Hubspot, and

What is Amplitude?

Amplitude empowers top digital companies with the customer data and insights they need to rapidly build superior, measurable digital customer experiences.

Companies like Paypal, Adidas, Peloton, Calm, CapitalOne, Atlassian, and HubSpot unlock digital revenue with a system built to translate raw customer data into business insights and actions. Amplitude customers deeply understand:

  • Who their digital customers are
  • What they do
  • Why they do it
  • How behaviors drive impact

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