Amplitude Europe Lab Hours with John Cutler

Facilitated by Amplitude coach/evangelist John Cutler, this program consists of three sessions. Register once and attend as many as you like. Recordings available after each session.

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Lab 1: Do This Now: 8 Ways to Focus your Product Team on Impact, Not Features

Recording Available On-Demand

“I work in a feature factory! What can I do to nudge my organization to focus more on impact and less on delivering features?” We’ll discuss eight impact-focused ways to successfully and safely encourage change in a range of organization types.

Lab 2: Mandate Levels, Decision Boundaries, and Measurement

Recording Available On-Demand

In this lab we will discuss a helpful model for understanding how different levels of work – from specific “build this”-type work to open-ended exploration – can be linked to outcomes (and measurement).

Lab 3: Journey to Product Teams (Infographic Discussion)

Recording Available On-Demand

Released earlier this year, our Journey to Product Teams infographic has received a lot of attention and sparked many questions. We’ll dig into those questions, with a specific focus on analytics and who “owns the data.”

John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude

John Cutler is a product evangelist and coach at Amplitude, and the author of The North Star Playbook. As a former UX researcher at AppFolio, a product manager at Zendesk,, AdKeeper and RichFX, a startup founder, and a product team coach, John’s perspective about the North Star Framework spans individual roles, domains, and products.