Managing Innovation at Scale Using Agile & Lean Methodologies

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Gino Micacchi

Former CPO/COO, ABA English

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In this webinar, Gino Micacchi, former CPO at ABA English, will talk through his framework for testing, validating, and funding disruptive ideas in scale-ups and larger organizations

Innovation is intrinsic to many startups—take big risks, disrupt a market or business model, and (hopefully) get rewarded. But as businesses begin to grow, they often become more risk-averse and innovation tends to wane when there’s a revenue target to achieve.

Product expert, Gino Micacchi, has seen this in several organizations, having to balance day-to-day operations that contribute to the business with the ambition for longer-term disruption. He’s developed a framework, using Agile and Lean methodologies, that can help Tech companies and Scale-ups to make space for innovation and the big ideas that may shape the future of a company.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • A straightforward framework for innovation & risk management in growing businesses

  • How product analytics can help facilitate innovation

  • How Gino used his methodology to help ABA English and Softronic develop long-term growth strategies

Who should attend?

Data leaders and architects looking to understand where product analytics (and Amplitude) fit into their data management strategy. And product and growth leaders looking to better understand the role of data and how to avoid roadblocks.

Why is data integration & management important?

In a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are 2x as likely to report more then 30% revenue growth.