Introducing Product Intelligence


Anastasia Fullerton


Siyun Li


Gausika Kanagaratnam


New to product intelligence? Think of it this way: The previous marker for product success was simply functionality... “It works". But with millions of products available today, it’s not enough for a product to just work. In today’s world, the products that win are the ones that create the best experiences for customers. Product Intelligence is what gets you there.

The fintech industry in particular has gone from buzzword to big business in just a few years. The driving force behind this stunning growth: digital payments, the product of booming ecommerce and mobile tech sectors.  Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities presented by fast-moving sectors such as Fintech.

      • Session One: Building Faster, smarter Products to claim your share of the market
        (Thursday November 26, 2pm CET)
      • Session Two: An Introduction to Amplitude
        (Thursday December 3rd, 2pm CET)

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Join us as we explore how product teams use analytics to build better products.

Session One: Building faster, smarter products to claim your share of the market

In this session we discuss what is product intelligence, and how does it differ from general business intelligence and analytics? How do you stay competitive in a rapidly changing tech industry? And what is driving (and requiring) a paradigm shift in the fintech industry? 

To wrap up, we are pleased to be joined for a Q&A by Siyun Li, who is driving data-informed growth at leading Swedish fintech company, iZettle.

Session Two: An Introduction to Amplitude

Join our introductory demo to see how Amplitude helps you use data to build great product experiences that convert and retain users.