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Grow Revenue with Predictive Segmentation


Neil Patel

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Predictions help you see your users in ways you never could before by understanding what they are likely to do in the future. In this playbook you’ll find:

  • Uses cases for predictions such as activation, upsell, churn, or lifetime value

  • How to interpret users scores and which segments to pay attention

  • How to plan campaigns or personalization using machine learning-based predictions

  • How to measure the incremental impact of using machine learning predictions to [drive outcome]

Building Audiences Using Predictions Generated by Machine Learning

With the right machine learning modeling you can predict almost anything, but where should you begin? Learn which predictions are relevant to your business and how to get started.

Executing a Predictive Campaign

The final step is putting your predictive insights into action. The playbook talks through the different levers you can experiment with and how to ultimately measure the impact of campaigns and personalization programs informed by predictive models.