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Maximize Your Amplitude Investment with the Premium Success Package


For Enterprise customers, the Premium Success Package layers on personalized, high-value expertise with ongoing expert services, hands-on training, and priority support.

Even the best efforts to drive digital growth can stall when companies don’t get the most out of their product analytics. Low adoption, poor data quality, previous struggles with legacy analytics vendors—it can all take a toll when the stakes are high to build the best digital products.

If you’re leveraging the Amplitude Enterprise plan, you can add on the Premium Success Package to drive results faster, which includes:

  • Expert services: Designated Customer Success Architect and access to ongoing professional services to increase ROI, drive business efficiency, and lower costs
  • Personalized training: Ongoing instructor-led training programs to scale data insights and boost adoption.
  • Priority support: Personalized, expert guidance from a dedicated support team to mitigate business risk.

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