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Neil Patel

Digital marketing guru

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Digital marketing guru

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Digital marketing guru

Amplitude Recommend is the first truly self-serve personalization engine for marketing and product teams to deliver experiences that intelligently adapt to every user.

Watch this short video to learn more about Amplitude and how customers use it.

Integrations, targeting, and a recommendation engine. It’s all there. Now your team can deliver on the promise of one-to-one personalization—without the help of data science or robust engineering resources.

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  • Identify the right users with behavioral segmentation

  • Find the right message with predictive personalization

  • Automate the right time with real-time APIs

Don’t take our word for it. These brands all deliver targeted experiences with Amplitude Recommend.

Who should attend?

Data leaders and architects looking to understand where product analytics (and Amplitude) fit into their data management strategy. And product and growth leaders looking to better understand the role of data and how to avoid roadblocks.

Why is data integration & management important?

In a study by Harvard Business Review, companies with advanced data strategies are 2x as likely to report more then 30% revenue growth.